Turn data into revenue with actionable insights

Make the data do the work

OneInsight is built to deliver the richness of customer data created with Marketo into any sales environment, thereby opening up true marketing & sales integration for any Marketo-powered organization.


Use the leading Engagement Platform to create meaningful customer interactions


Structure and package customer data and transform it into invaluable insights

Use with any Sales system

Display insights where they truly matter and turn knowledge into revenue wherever your Sales team works - no matter if it is in CRM or any other system you might use

Energize your sales team with game-changing insights

OneInsight delivers complex information through a simple UI. Letting your sales team immediately identify the best-qualified customers – saving precious time.

Marketing & Sales Alignment at Carl Zeiss by OneInsight

Learn how Carl Zeiss is utilizing OneInsight to provide rich marketing data to their sales reps. Get insights into how this is changing the way they do business and how they are able to lift customer experience onto the next level.

Powerful features to turn knowledge into revenue

Built to deliver the full potential of Marketo to sales and truly unlock marketing & sales alignment in organizations — all done at the speeds necessary to make decisions in step with your customers.

If information alone is not enough to close a deal OneInsight provides your Sales team with the possibility to reach out directly to your customers.

Best Bets

OneInsight leverages Marketo’s Best Bets to identify exactly those people who will give your sales team the best chances of creating revenue.

Sales Enablement

OneInsight Campaigns empower your sales team to trigger prepared Marketo Workflows making use of Smart Campaigns. This unleashes the full potential of Marketo while allowing full trackability.

Easy to implement

The integration of OneInsight into your CRM is fast and easy. To start empowering your sales team check out our Implementation Guide.

Powerful Data & Insights

OneInsight provides all relevant customer data like Interesting Moments, Web & Email interactions as well as changes to the Scoring. All information is delivered in an easy-to-use, interactive user interface that highlights the most relevant data.

Urgency & Priority information lets your Sales team target exactly the right people, saving valuable time.

Interesting Moments concisely outline major interactions to deliver a meaningful history of the relationship.

Web & Email Activities give a granular view of a customer's interactions, from simple visits to clicks in emails or completed forms.

Scoring displays how deep and meaningful the interactions have been and provides the basis for marketing qualification.

Frequent Interactions let you cut through the clutter and show exactly what your customers engage with most.

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